UGH! There’s nothing wrong with the internet. Maybe there’s just something wrong with the people  who are passing this bill. They need to seriously consider what they’re doing and if this bill passes, there are going to be riots, and people will be pissed…



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I totally hate all of this stuff. Especially the first one. The only disciplined sections in my band are drumline and guard. And maybe a select few in the actual band..

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[Top text: Start freshman year totally innocent

Bottom text: End senior year with mind in the gutter]

I’m pretty sure that everyone can agree with me when I say that everyone ends their high school band career a lot more perverted since their freshman year.

It’s pretty noticeable with a person like me..

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Today the weirdest thing happened. I saw my ex girlfriend of about 9 months or so with her newer boyfriend kissing each other good bye. I am happy that she moved on, but it was just really uncomfortable for me. It’s not that I want to get back together with her, it’s just that I guess it’s justhard for me to face it though.

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One of my best friends is now following me!!! Staybeneaththestars is an amazing person and I’m so happy that I know her! I don’t know what I would do without her and her amazing personality. She helps me study science and I can’t wait til she sees this. Best Friend!!!!

Anonymous asked: this is embarrassing.. but i get a free bottle every time someone buys one at mangoaff725(dót)com and these things work better than adderall.. i legit lost 15lbs in 2 weeks.. try them. they seriously work like crazy.

… -.- I’m a 16 year old guy in high school… So no. And I don’t think I’m fat thank you very much…


:D I want it!!!!

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My indoor show sounds frickin incredible!!! I love our drumline instructor, he can make anything. 0.0 This is gunna be a fun season :D

So, today at our band banquet, I found out I have a girl voice after listening to a recording of myself… -.- I thought I had gone through puberty, but I guess not… this sucks…